Thanks to a full-ride scholarship from the Murr Family Foundation, Ken was able to attend Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. He majored in Mathematics-Physics, which he called "the closest thing to Engineering at Whitman," but he came to love the Liberal Arts through classes in philosophy, music, and linguistics.

During that time, Ken was offered an internship in the software engineering group at Key Technology despite a complete lack of experience in either software or engineering. It was a full immersion experience, but he proved to be a quick learner and took a full-time job with Key after graduation. He founded Miriam Technologies a few years later.

In gratitude for the many opportunities he's received, Ken has offered internships to other promising young individuals, many of whom have gone on to careers in software, engineering, or related technical fields.

Ken and his family like camping, swimming, motorcycling (both on- and off-road), gardening, beekeeping, the Andy Griffith Show, woodworking, and a whole host of other things. In a group this big, there's bound to be a wide variety of interests!

Ken and his wife Danielle met in a high school choir, and their children all sing and play various instruments (including violin, cello, and harp). Some samples of their family choir performances are below.

Ubi Caritas (Duruflé)

Good Old A Capella (Carter/Nevada)

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"The first computer we had in our house was an Apple II. The manual told how to connect a modem — I'd never heard of them — and described how some people were using a computer and modem to "telecommute" rather than going in to an office every day.

Something clicked for me, and I knew I wanted a job like that when I grew up. I think I was in 4th grade at the time."

- Ken Treis
Founder of Miriam Technologies

Customer Praise

"Ken provided software development consulting for us in our Symetix business unit. Aside from demonstrating a cost-effective, creative, and competent apprach to his work for us, he had the ability to be a thought leader and the discipline to think things through. Ken also worked extremely well in the often tense, high-pressure commercial development environment."

Rich Hebel
General Manager
SYMETIX Business Unit, Key Technology, Inc.

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