Visual Design

You can have the most well-programmed, technologically advanced web application around, but if it is not designed and laid out well, the perception of the end user may be quite different.

Complement Your Application

You’ve probably come across websites that for some reason or another just didn’t feel right. The technology behind it could have been cutting edge, but the designers may not have matched a layout with the same level of usability and sophistication. When we create a custom application, Visual Design is an integral part of the overall design from the start. From overall look and feel to placement of links and buttons, we’ll create a design that complements your application.

Design With The User In Mind

Whether your custom application is for internal use or is the face of your business to the world, we will create a look and feel that is appropriate for the overall scope of your project, and well received by the intended user. Form follows function. Our graphic designers have a solid appreciation for the importance of “usability” as it relates to the overall look, feel, and layout.

Levels And Refinements

The scale and scope of every project is unique. Whether it is a simple matter of putting a professional façade on an internal business application, or the development of an interface that is intended to be the cornerstone of your company’s Brand Identity—we have various levels of design to suit your project.

Best Design Approach

For applications that are mainly internal or limited to a specific audience, we often recommend a Best Design. At this level, our designers will create a single layout with either one or multiple pages (main page design with interior matching interior page layouts). The Best Design approach is not always ideal, as it limits the process of exploration that might lead to a better solution. However, for some projects – such as start-up companies, applications in an Alpha phase, or applications with a limited audience – the Best Design may be most appropriate.

Multi-Design Approach

For web applications or websites that will be the “face of the company” (e-commerce sites or applications in marketing-heavy industries), we recommend our Multi-Design Approach. At this level, our designers will create multiple design and layout options for review. From there, we will work with you to determine which design is best suited to your web application or business identity. Based on your feedback, designs are modified and refined for additional feedback and approval. This multi-design— back-and-forth—collaborative approach ensures that the final design is the best possible layout for your project.

Phased Approach

For some projects, the overall scale and scope of the project might not yet be fully defined, in which case, a Phased Approach might be the most appropriate path forward. With a Phased Approach, our Cost Proposal for Design Services might be offered in parts – with an initial (nominal) design fee proposed for the development of basic concepts, followed by the submission of a formal Cost Proposal after we have received additional feedback regarding the overall scope of the project. Every project is unique, as is every customer. In each case, we try to gain an understanding of the project itself, as well as our customers’ expectations. Sometimes it makes sense to take things a step-at-a-time.

Free – Custom Quotation

Contact Us for a Free custom Cost Quotation. If you have already prepared a Project Scope document, or a formal RFP (Request for Proposal), please send it to us via e-mail, along with applicable supporting materials. If your project requires discussion, we can communicate via e-mail, by teleconference, or you may decide that it would be beneficial to meet in person.

Based on the scope of your project, Cost Quotation may include multiple options (as described above).