Immaculate Heart Radio


Miriam Technologies created a custom donor database to meet the needs of Immaculate Heart Radio, a Catholic Radio Network with a number of stations across the Southwestern United States. The web-based nature of the donor database allows secure access from within the organization from any location with an Internet connection. The scalable design allows the donor database to handle the ever-expanding number of donors. The software, designed to make the data entry workflow more efficient for the organization, is not bloated with excess features, yet is expandable so that additional features can be programmed as needed.


Designed to tightly integrate with both the donor database and the external website, the custom pledge drive software for Immaculate Heart Radio has made their bi-annual on-air pledge drives more effective and efficient. By harnessing multiple technologies, the software transformed the paper-based process to one that gives the on-air host real-time updates about progress towards multiple goals, the number of pledges being taken at that instant, which donors to thank, and who made pledges via the external website as well. On the back-end, the tight integration with the donor database has streamlined pledge reconciliation and incentive fulfillment.


To bring their radio broadcast to listeners at a computer anywhere in the world, Miriam Technologies custom configured multiple quality streams in dual languages to allow listeners to “Listen Live” worldwide. Custom software also archives specific shows in the background automatically, and Podcasts allow subscribes to automatically receive the latest versions of shows of their choice.


Immaculate Heart Radio’s external website has a number of custom features that streamline management of the content. A custom Page Module allows pages to be easily added and editing using textile. Other custom features include a database driven program schedule, easy to update custom forms, and a custom listening quality feedback application that integrates Google Maps. Additionaly, a secure form for online donations integrates directly with the donor database.