Faith Database

Third Millennium Media was looking to promote it’s latest venture, the Faith Database, in a big way. The desire was to have a professional looking and working website that would match the level of quality of their product. Additionally, they wanted a professional-grade programming firm that would be able to support the ongoing needs of the Faith Database, and Miriam Technologies was the perfect fit.

A revolutionary product leveraging the latest technologies

We were able to work with the Faith Database to come up with a design that matched their vision and offered several video demos of their product. The Faith Database, which is software loaded onto your computer that allows you to search through over 1500 books covering 2000 years of Chrisitianity—a virtual library on your computer—was to be offered in multiple formats.

We built an e-commerce website that allows them to sell the CD-ROM version of the software, seamlessly integrated with their fulfillment firm. Additionally, the website offers a time-limited download version of the massive software leveraging Amazon’s S3 technology, as well as monthly software update feature.