Email Settings

What settings should I use for my email program?

For a basic email configuration, use the settings shown in the table below. You can also obtain a setup guide specific to your email program by visiting our Email Software Setup page. If your email program supports it, you may also configure for a secure connection (see information on SSL/TLS).

Username: Your email address
Incoming Server: if using IMAP
Outgoing Server:
Note that if your upstream ISP blocks port 25, you may use port 587 instead.
Outgoing Server Requires Authentication: YES
Secure Password Authentication (SPA): NO
Outlook Web Access (Managed Hosted Exchange only):

Your username and password are the same for the incoming and outgoing servers.

Specific instructions for your email program can be found in your program’s documentation or online help menus.

Should I select POP3 or IMAP?

That depends.

POP3 is a simple protocol that works well over slow Internet connections. It downloads your mail from the Miriam Technologies server and stores it on your computer’s hard drive.

IMAP is an advanced protocol that works well if you plan on accessing your email from several different computer systems (two different computers, or a single computer and our webmail service), but it doesn’t work well with Outlook.

Most users should select POP3.

If I want to use IMAP, what extra configuration is involved?

Here are some general guidelines:

Use INBOX as your root folder path.

Enable local caching of folders that you plan to browse when your computer is not connected to the Internet.