Brisky Canyon

Miriam Technologies worked with Brisky Canyon Fruit Company to create a full-featured online fruit and specialty item sales management application. The all-in-one nature of the software allows Brisky Canyon to receive and fulfill orders right from their web browser, with much of the work done behind the scenes for them. An additional feature built into the software is the ability to have a portion of your purchase go to support a charity of your choice.

Featured Highlights

This site features a custom AJAX shopping cart that allows shoppers to add, update, or delete items with instant feedback about what is in their cart and what their new total is. Shipping rates are queried on the fly from UPS so customers will know up front the exact cost of various shipping methods. The entire inventory and fundraising scheme is editable from a private administration area.

Visit Brisky Canyon Fruit Company today to sample some of the freshest fruits the Northwest has to offer, to support a good cause, and to test out the user experience for this custom software yourself.

“Everyone tells us our site is great and easy to navigate.” – Mike, Brisky Canyon