About Us

Miriam Technologies is a software technology company that designs Internet software applications. We specialize in web application development for small- and medium-sized businesses. We serve clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Core Strength

At Miriam Technologies, our core strength lies in our striving for the utmost quality in what we do. We strive to get the details right, which translates to superior custom software at a fair price.

We’re also not shy about right and wrong. If we’re forced to choose between doing what’s right and losing your business, we would rather lose your business.

We always strive for quality in everything we do, but our primary emphasis is different from that of other companies. Our first focus is quality of character. This is a process of continuing improvement for our company, our employees, and our stakeholders.

That doesn’t mean that we’re perfect. But it means that when we make a mistake, we’ll tell you the truth about it and apologize instead of trying to cover it up. And we’ll do whatever we can to fix the problem.

We treat our clients and employees fairly. When we handle with someone’s personal information, we treat it with respect. We reward people for good ideas and hard work.

These are simply the right things to do. And we do our best to live up to them. That’s the kind of company we are.

You can learn more about the Miriam Technologies team or how you can become part of the team yourself.